I’m reaching out to you.. Can you hear my call?

Daily Prompt asked:

Can’t Stand Me
What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

I just love singing and letting my voice out. I mean, I am confident as F when on a Karaoke Challenge or a sing along session.

But unfortunately, turns out that I have a really bad voice.

I mean, I am usually confident about the way I speak and the way my voice sounds. I always thought I had a good voice and that I caught the right tone. But I was wrong.

I remember playing Antakshari (spoken parlor game played in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal) one time with my college friends and when I was singing along a song, my friend looked at me and exclaimed ” O My God you have a really bad voice!”

This had never occurred to me before.  I mean I get do get other comments like I have a nasal tone or that even if I studied in private school I still hold a rustic accent and stuff like that but never a bad voice. I was shocked but it didn’t stop me from joining the fun and singing louder than before.

Of course it stings! Having a bad voice is almost like bad cooking (which I am co incidentally bad at too..) Good voice leads you applause and voice like me leads to.. well talks about you. I’m not saying I had an Aguilerain voice. I just really believed that I had my own voice and it sounded just fine.

So what’s worse than watching yourself in a video? Listening to a recording of your own voice!


So I got some words for ya peeps! Ain’t nobody gonna stop me from singing the hell I want or speak all I want. And I got some words for ya..  Don’t ever let how you look or how you sound stop you from shinning and weaken your confidence. Remember, weakness can be turned to strength. I may have a bad voice but I never let it stop me from doing my thing. So don’t you let your weakness stop you from doing yours too.

Shine through and through!!

MuLberry Maiya ^_^


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