Life looks pretty Awesome honestly!

Daily Prompt asked:

Life After Blogs Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


Okay Okay MAYBE not to this extent.

The idea of living a life without computer doesn’t seem as impossible to me as the idea of living a life without internet. Or… are we losing the internet too?


I’m feeling like it is going to be a tiny bit struggle for us as I have doubt on how we are going to function globally because we all work on our computer don’t we? I mean I know PCs are slowly being replaced by Laptops and Tablets but really.. how will we know what the rest of the world is going through? How does newspaper and magazine get ready for print? How does anything get print?.. Jeez I am loss for what the lost of a computer would mean for the world but I will be honest, first few months might be a little bit tricky.

So if computer does vanish from our lives one day, I think the first thing what everyone of us will feel is .. FREE. I think I would feel a little bit strange but also a sudden feeling of freedom too. My eyes and Mother dear would obviously be the happiest beings to my detachment with any gadget.

Losing touch with gadget would mean people will really find time to finally have a conversation with one another. It would mean we really have to shout in CAPITAL LETTER, express ourselves like we do using exclamation mark and finally see if we really have guts to say half the things we say in the social media. And that would be fun.

Of course this will mean losing the moments like watching movies in netflix, blasting CD in high volume, preparing project reports in different fonts and styles, preparing documents and a lot of other things.

But I am really optimistic that we all will come together. I will wait for letters again. I will start to hide secret journals inside my pillow once again. I will try to improve my handwriting again. Books will hopefully become cheaper and I will have but no option to really study for class. It is already sounding like it can still take place right now..

No Really, will any gadget ever beat moment like this?…

(PC: Respective Owner)

I didn’t think so either.

But we don’t have to wait for computer to extinct from our life to do all the things we imagined we would do. I just really hope we cut down out time with gadgets before our ties life are cut forever.

MuLberry Maiya ^_^


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