Favorite Five

Daily Prompt asked:

Just Another Day Our days are organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Well… my favorite daily ritual is definitely not waking up at 04:45 am every morning. My life is actually so robotic and predictable, there is nothing surprising about what I do everyday.

I have 5 favorite daily rituals that I do everyday.

The First one, is having speed breakfast in the morning. I have 15 minutes in my hand to go to kitchen, fix myself a breakfast and pack myself a light snack for class. Nothing beats the taste of hot oatmeal and tea in the morning while I feed myself with Superwoman VLOGS 😛

The Second one, is going to class. I love attending college because it is the only thing that is extra in my day. Listening to teachers talking about history and folktales and capturing enough notes is the most satisfying experience for me.

The Third one is my evening afternoon time. After lunch by 11:30, I fix tea and a bite for myself around 3:30 to 4 pm. This is the time when I open my laptop and compose all the Daily Prompts. This is the chill out time before dinner.

The Fourth one is dinner time. Now dinner time in our house is a very loud affair. This is when everyone comes together and eats as a family. This is the perfect time to share everything that has happened at college or at work because everyone is present there. I love this time.

The Last one is before I sleep. After brushing my teeth I dip my hands and feet in hot water because they have swollen due to cold. This is the time when mother and I engage in other conversations like amazing facts in the world or ghost stories or something we heard in the afternoon. After this I dance for a little bit to warm up before I fall asleep while stalking Taylor Swift in Instagram.

There you go. I just gave you an entire outline of my day.

MuLberry Maiya ^_^


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