a bag of lecture mistaken as music

Daily Prompt asked:

Critical Eye Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic.

A pure Genius” is what Mr. B has been getting on every page of Music Times about his new lowly anticipated 2 CD music album “C is for Cracking Heads”. Released on 17th January, the album has been largely promoted by Mr. Lo, Senior Member of the New Bullshit Music Stack Company.

Talking about Mr.B’s album, it didn’t surprise me even for a second on realizing that Mr.B had no one but his own self portrait as the album cover. What also didn’t surprise me was that he kept album name under what he does the best- cracking mind of the listeners with his lengthy, slow, repetitive and over the top reviewed lyrics. 

Now there are 20 songs in each CD and all of them are named after the chapters he had once taught as a teacher of Master Degree.   Audience may or may not know that Mr.B was an English Teacher in M.A Degree at College Times. Mr. B is a Gold Medalist in English Literature who is well known for never completing his lectures on time, for coming 15 mins late but leaving the class 20 mins late, for not welcoming student question or participation and for being very one minded when it comes to making administrative decisions.

And can I say his 10 minutes long songs be any different than his lectures? I don’t know.

The 1 album old singer is well known for taking “difficult realities of life” and transform it into deep music pieces. He takes inspiration from different Theories ranging from Greek to Post-Modernism Period. He seems very well versed in his subject matter. I loved the fact that you give this song a listen once and you can instantly understand what he is saying because he makes it so simple. His subjects are not your everyday woes, but of matters of objective co-relative, of Master-Slave Relation, of Consumer Industry. Which is why you need a lot of patience! If you take if from him regarding why his subject matters are so different, he says it seems to be so because apparently, “no one in the market is capable of doing so”.

 A self proclaimed aficionado of musical history, the piece sounds unbelievably repetitive!! He begins by repeating the last lines of the last song, steps into a new line in a painfully slow process, repeats it one more time and sometimes, cuts the song in much hurry. His vocal also fluctuates-fades in and out as he nears to the end of the song. 

Even if I concentrate on the content only, I wouldn’t still call it a work of Genius but I will give it that Mr.B has done a lot of study for this song. In fact, he has focused so much on study that he has forgotten that songs needs a relation between lyrics and music. It is commendable to see how Mr.B has put an effort to turn his lectures into songs but I believe it is high time he got out of his class etiquette. 

MuLberry Maiya ^_^


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