I’m just an over-eater

Daily Prompt asked:

Live to Eat Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?

Well… in my house, I’m the mouse that steals all the food from the fridge. I am usually shy about how I eat in front of everyone and so you will hear people say why I eat so less. But little do they know that once everyone has shifted to the next room, I dip my fingers in the bowl quietly and lick it clean after stuffing a mouthful of that delicious meal. Not even a paw left behind for proof.

PC: sp.yimg.com

I eat to live like every normal human being does, but ‘craving’ is what makes me look like I live to eat. I cannot stop eating. I mean, even if I had just eaten my dinner, my hands can still snake it’s way to the leftovers quickly and quietly. I wish I could stop this. It’s not like I am still hungry, but this impulse is so strong. May be I need to find a job.

As far as travelling for the best meal is concerned, I haven’t traveled very far in life. But I do miss cheese Focaccia I had in Johannesburg. It was heaven found in a foreign land. But a Nepali will never say no to a good Thakali Thaali 😉

PC: kellysiewcooks.com

MuLberry Maiya ^_^


2 thoughts on “I’m just an over-eater

    1. Hi!! I’m sure you will LOVE it!! It’s a traditional lunch set. Salty, Spicy and Sweet all at once. I hope you come to Nepal or have a dinner at Nepali Thakali Resturant and give it a try once 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by!!

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