On a Habit or Two..

Daily Prompt asked:

Quirk of Habit Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

Staying glued on you cell phone while you are with your friend(s) is something that annoys the shit out of me. I mean, here I am, leaving everything else just so I can see your face and hear your voice and maybe gossip a little and all you freaking do is give me some “monosyllabic answer” while your eyes, fingers and attention are all focused on your stupid phone. I just hate this habit.

Another habit I hate is when people leave mud and shoe marks on your legs while travelling in public transportation. That’s just so irritating. I know buses are jam packed but I can try to be extra careful too. My black pant is all soiled and dusty instantly after travelling on a bus.  It gets worse when people’s shoes are stuck with mud water.

Another habit that I hate is when mothers and aunties are having a conversation and they can’t help but compare me with my cousins and you know, all the why not and this and that. It brings my morals down. I really hate it. I don’t say much, but you all talking like this shit is what makes me shut off everyone.

I love it when people don’t just stand and say ‘oh you’ve done nothing’ but instead, they try to include you in it and make you a part of their work or anything. I just love this nature of people.

I love the outgoing and easy way of people. It makes me not look like a scarecrow among people. I am not the kind of people who can warm up easily. Tug my hand. Take me with you. Introduce me to your friends. Ask me how I am feeling. If you don’t smile and say Hie to me, I’m sorry but I’m already dead in this party.

And I absolutely love Daily Prompt’s nature of challenging us to write ANYTHING while leading us a path of self discovery of knowing our own likes and dislikes while we lay on our backs.

MuLberry Maiya ^_^


4 thoughts on “On a Habit or Two..

    1. I wish we could stop focusing so much on our cell phones. It’s killing our connection!!
      You have a very interesting blog going around!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I also hate it when people I talk to focus on their cell phones but it’s also my bad habit so …. I guess I should change first.
    And since I’m a socially awkward person, I agree with that “outgoing and easy way of people” part. I always appreciate it when people introduce me to other people and make me less awkward.


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