I just can’t.

Daily Prompt asked:

 Never Again Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.

This one took place in Pokhara.

We were 6 of us from Kathmandu – Me, my 4 friends and my old ex. Pokhara was calling us that summer because we had been invited to become a part of 2nd International Gaijatra Pride Festival (the Nepali version of International Day Against Homophobia) that was going to take place at the Lake Side.

So what spoiled the vacation?

I had never been out of valley without my parents before and coming to Pokhara with just my friends was my ticket to everything that was shown in the Telly. I wanted my 3 days to be the best days of my life with my friends.

On the evening before our journey back to Kathmandu, we decided to go for a scooty ride on hire. My ex had his relative somewhere and he kept on insisting we all go for dinner there. We all had to agree. But halfway through the ride, we all realized he was lost- kept turning this road and that. PLUS, he was riding the bike at such a speed that my friends lost their way to us.

After walking in the rally the whole day, I was getting tired and really angry. I couldn’t see my friends. My ex didn’t want to listen to any of us. It was a disaster. I wanted to cry.

On returning to the hotel after much persuasion, everyone had a heated argument. Nobody was willing to listen to another. Finally, we realized we all were hungry so we decided to take a stroll in the lights of Pokhara for the last time.  After pizza for dinner, friends got drinks and snacks. We returned to the hotel and soon, everyone started drinking.

I never drink but one thing I hate about drinking is when people get drunk. Everyone got drunk. One was snoring in the corner. Another one was singing some lullaby. Two friends were laughing crazy about something. And my ex thought this was time to get physical.

I couldn’t believe it. I had never been with anyone before. I didn’t wanted all the touching and stuff this soon. I hadn’t come to Pokhara to make his night. We got into a lot of heated argument after he attempted to get physical with me. He banged the door on my face that night.

A lot of re-thinking and realization took place inside my head. I broke off with my ex on very ugly terms- so ugly that even if one of us were to die tomorrow in front of one another, we wouldn’t care a bit.

But to this day, whenever friends propose for a night out, all these reel in front of my eyes and I refuse. There is bound to be clash of minds. I just can’t.

MuLberry Maiya ^_^


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